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See How Regular Features Will Make You a More Productive Blogger

See How Regular Features Will Make You a More Productive Blogger

If you are a blogger, it can be time consuming thinking up content ideas on a regular basis.  A great method that can help you to be a more productive blogger, is to use regular features.


Let's take a look at what a regular feature is.

What Are Regular Features?

A regular feature is a common theme, activity or feature. This is something that you can come up with for one day per week. I'm sure you can already see that this will make you a more productive blogger.

So, for example, let’s say that you’re blogging about a health related topic. You could have a day of the week where you check out the news headlines. You could then do a review of some of the most interesting, silliest, funniest news stories of the week. You could really cover anything, as long as it’s a regular feature.

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Why Will Regular Features Help You Be a More Productive Blogger?

There are some great benefits to having a regular feature like this. You don’t have to worry about what it is you have to blog about next. This allows you to come up with many ideas in one go and plan ahead. This makes you a much more productive blogger as you can plan more in one go.

Not only do you not have to worry about where the next idea is going to come from, you also get the chance to build a relationship with your readers. They will come to anticipate your blog posts based on a certain idea and see what’s coming next.

It’s a great way for you to schedule lots of quality content on a regular basis. You know what you need to write about next so you can get on with it. It also brings in recurring traffic from your readers that will look forward to the next feature.

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Should I Only Have One Regular Feature?

Don’t think that you have to stop at only one feature of the week though. It’s just as good to come up with two or more features per week. Just be sure that you can stick to the schedule that you set yourself. And make sure it ties in with your normal blog content.

You can also mix up your content. Have one day being a Top 10 list: (e.g. Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Diabetes). Then have a review day (where you review a product – digital or physical). You could even have a day where you have an interview or guest post. 

If you want to be a productive blogger, your schedule doesn’t have to mean you struggling to come up with lots of content. In a short space of time. It’s to help you build up a regular structure for yourself and your readers. It also helps to keep you very productive. This is because you know what it is you’ve got to do next. You also know how to tackle it.

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Productive Bloggers Have an Achievable Schedule

Once of the great things about any type of structure, is that you’re best setting your schedule as something that’s easily achievable. But it should also be effective at the same time.

Therefore, you’re always likely to be able to achieve that basic minimum every week. Anything else that you achieve after setting that basic goal is actually a bonus to you!

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Stick To Your Schedule

As you start to become a more productive blogger, keep sticking to your schedule. You may find that you’re doing well. Perhaps you are surpassing your schedule. Possibly you are so productive that you are creating more content than you need.

Don’t publish the content early just because it’s completed. Try to ensure that you still stick to the schedule you created. This allows you to relax a little because you’re a week (or more) ahead of your initial schedule.

This gives you time to keep creating content without worrying about deadlines and rushing it. It also allows for things to go wrong. As they do.

Give this a try if you want to become a more productive blogger. This is an excellent way to improve your writing schedule. This is because you can plan it well in advance. You also don’t have to always do as much work as you may think. Check out other ways to be a more productive blogger.


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