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  1. Really nice.
    Mind checking out my new blog post too?

  2. Great, helpful post. Shared it on my pinterest
    Have a nice day, Karin

    1. Penny Burns says:

      Thank you so much Karin

  3. I’ve used the “having a draft ready” tip before. It’s so, so helpful on the weeks when I’m either too busy or tired. Also, I used to think that having a blog was something I could update when I wanted to. And I mean sure I can do that, but if my goal is to have consistent or more engagement or if my goal is to grow my blog, I also agree that organization & deadlines are important.

    1. Penny Burns says:

      The problem is when we have a bit of ‘spare’ time, we often don’t use it productively. It is great to get into the mindset of ‘oh I have some time I’ll draft a blog post’. It’s hard to think about the times you are struggling, when you’re not struggling! Organization is key which is why I am moving much more towards batch working for so many things.

  4. DISCIPLINE is the key! Try setting a goal of writing a certain number of words EVERY DAY (maybe 100/day to start).

    Bloggers can keep track of their post ideas on free software like Evernote (dotcom) which have a word count feature. And the daily word goal does not have to be on a single topic.

    If you are ever totally stuck for content ideas, just visit a forum relevant to your blog’s focus and
    study the most frequently asked questions.


    1. Penny Burns says:

      Yes Robert that is so true. Getting into a daily habit for anything is great. Blogging is no different. I use Evernote and it is great and really helpful.

  5. anand Bose says:

    Very informative. Anand Bose from Kerala

    1. Penny Burns says:

      Thank you!

  6. These are very helpful tips you’ve shared, Penny. Truly, it takes time and effort to become a successful blogger. But most importantly, it takes discipline and strategically planning.
    You have to study your blog; you have to pay attention to your blog to know when your blog suddenly starts getting loads of followers, and you must know what caused that spike. Likewise, you have to do some studying when your blog’s stats to drop. Being a successful or productive blogger is not as easy as most people make it seem.

    1. Penny Burns says:

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. I think the discipline side is where many people falter. Especially if they are hobby bloggers. It is hard to feel committed when you just post when you please. As you so rightly say, if you pay attention to your readers it is a lot easier to plan and progress.

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