6 Quick and Easy Steps for Creating a High Value Lead Magnet

If you have started a blog, with the ultimate aim of selling a product or service, then you need a lead magnet. You need to have an audience to buy your wares, and the way you collect your audience is generally through a lead magnet.


The Appeal of a Lead Magnet

By its very nature a lead magnet won’t interest everyone. Well, unless you are giving away free money. That is pretty appealing. But you are wise and know that you don’t have to tempt everybody. Just your target audience. But how do you ensure that your lead magnet appeals to your target audience?

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Research Your Target Audience

First thing is to find your swipe file. You have a swipe file, right? If not, start one right now as you need one. What is a swipe file I hear you ask? It’s just a fancy name for ‘stuff’. You know when you are planning to redecorate your house, and you keep things because you love the colour, well it’s like that. A swipe file is just a folder where you keep things that you like and in the future, will want to emulate. That’s another fancy word for ‘copy’. But you won’t copy, you will just use it for inspiration.

Now you have your swipe file, you are going to find what your target audience likes and connects with. So, you go where they hang out. Blogs, forums, social media sites. When you find something that works with your target audience, whether they have commented on it or shared it, then copy it to your swipe file.

Whether you are building a lead magnet, or not, you should do this research as a matter of course. It is great to know the hot topics of the day. If you can, try and find similar characteristics or feelings from the people that you are researching.

One of the worst things to do to your visitors is to offer them something they don’t even need. When you think of need, dig down deep. Dig where it hurts – where they feel desperation. Instead of “How to Have Pretty Skin,” touch on the concept of shame and beauty with a report called, “7 Ways to Clear Up Acne Overnight.”

Be specific about the problem. Add a sense of urgency to the mix. It’s not enough to offer a report on how to make your first $100 online, but offer it on how to make that first $100 today.

Another place you can go for ideas on what consumers need, is the comment section of other blogs. Whenever you see a blog with a thriving community, people will often comment and discuss their needs – especially if the post doesn’t answer all their questions. This is why it is good practice, as a blogger, to revamp old posts from time to time. Incorporate questions that people have raised in the comments section. Expand on the original content by using the comments.

Your Lead Magnet Should Be Valuable

Any interaction you have with your audience should provide them with some value. Your lead magnet is no exception. Your lead magnet should be so good that your audience would actually buy it. But you are giving it away for free. That is the kind and generous type of person that you are.

You want to go above and beyond and wow your audience with what you over deliver to them. So, when you sit down to start planning your opt in offer, think of it as a paid offer. You want to give away something where they download it and can’t believe you just gave that away. This will do more than just appease a new audience – it will have them sharing it with others.

Your Lead Magnet Should Be Valuable

Types Of Lead Magnet That Work

You don’t want your lead magnet or opt-in to be too cumbersome. The idea of the lead magnet is that there are a couple of steps for your audience to follow. They follow your advice and achieve a result. And they are impressed that you have actually delivered something that they can successfully implement.

Imagine if your opt-in is a 30 day email course. How many people will still be with you at the end of 30 days. But most people would complete a 7 day email course. Especially if there was just 1 action a day.

Your opt-in should also just address 1 problem your audience are having. So bear these 2 points in mind when you are deciding on the format of your lead magnet.

  • Video file. A video course is a great opt in freebie. Give the download files so people can watch without having to stream.
  • Email series. Usually this is within a time frame. How to create a successful lead magnet in 7 days.
  • Short report. Don’t bulk this up with extra content. Stick to the one point or problem. You want your audience to take some action after reading the report.
  • Membership access. If you have, or are starting, a membership site, give a trial access. Either create a free level where users can get in and see your content. Or a 7 day trial access for a $1. Both of these work well.
  • Audio file. Some people like to listen not read. Create a podcast or convert a text lead magnet to audio, and give the best of both worlds.

Your Lead Magnet Should Lead To Trust

Somebody has given you their email address in response to what they perceive is a valuable offer. Your lead magnet should therefore be ‘as described’. Your subscribers should feel that you are someone they can trust to deliver.

Your Lead Magnet Should Lead To Trust


You may wish to sell something to your audience in the future. You may just genuinely want to share useful information with them for free. Either way, you need to know who they are. And you need to be able to get in touch with them. So, you need a lead magnet. You need a well-researched, valuable lead magnet that will lead to trust with your subscribers.

You will research your target audience so you know what will appeal and be valuable to your readers. You are going to create the type of lead magnet that you are comfortable with. It is no good deciding to have a podcast as a lead magnet if you have no clue how to produce one.

Action Steps

These action steps will help you to produce an effective lead magnet.

  • Research your target audience.
  • Build a swipe file.
  • Note blogs and forums where your target audience hang out.
  • Decide on the topic of your lead magnet.
  • Ensure your lead magnet is valuable.
  • Ensure it deals with one problem.
    Choose the format of your lead magnet i.e. text, email series etc.
  • Does your lead magnet deliver on your promise?

Hopefully you have found some useful information here. For more information, download my guide to 6 Quick and Easy Steps for Creating a High Value Lead Magnet.

  • Great blog. Promoting is the difficult part. I post to Twitter and Facebook, but neither site seems to do much for me. Twitter is all politics, and Facebook wants me to pay to promote, something I’m not inclined to do. So, I plug along, posting new content regularly, and reading, liking, and commenting on others’ posts. That last part is key to gaining new followers; interacting with other bloggers is vital to success.
    Thank you for following me!

    • Hi and thanks for visiting. Yes, writing posts is easy – promoting them is the tricky part. I use Twitter and am slowly building a following but it doesn’t drive a lot of traffic to my blog. Like you, I think that interaction with bloggers leads to more visitors and followers. Keep plugging away!

    • Thank you, Lisa, so glad you liked the post. Lead magnets are one of the keys to having a successful blog so it is so good to get them right.

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