How Can Bloggers Maintain Productivity Without Spending Hours Blogging

A common complaint amongst bloggers, is how difficult it is to maintain productivity. Blogging seems to entail spending hours at the computer and it is very hard to create or maintain productivity.


If you are reading this, you are probably already a blogger. Or you are seriously thinking about starting a blog. Blogging is great fun and relatively easy to start. Anyone can start a blog. It takes less than half an hour to set yourself up with a domain, hosting and a WordPress blog. Therefore, many people start a blog as it is so easy.

Why Can Bloggers Fail to Maintain Productivity?

However, many people fail to make a success out of their blog – and it's not that they don't enjoy what they blog about or even that they find it boring. It's because they just don't have the motivation to maintain productivity. A blogger needs to be productive, but you also have to want to be productive. Sometimes, it is just too difficult and time consuming.

Productivity is Everything

Like so many things in life, you start a blog with great intentions. How difficult can it actually be to write a couple of times a week? Turns out, pretty difficult.

Productivity is everything when blogging. There's no point having a wealth of knowledge to share and a story to tell if you can't find the time to get it down in a post. And, you've not only got to write your post, you've got to get it down in a way that people can read, learn from it, enjoy it and share it. No pressure there then.

Many of the best blogs are impressive in terms of profit and number of visitors. But they didn't get to where they are by only blogging sporadically. They managed to stay inspired to produce quality content on a regular basis. There’s no reason why this should be any different for your blog either.

Maintain Productivity is Everything

⭐️Why Is Your Blog Different?

A blog isn't going to write itself and it certainly isn't going to promote itself. With thousands of blogs being started every week, and many of them laying dormant a month later, what's to stop your blog from being any different?

What's different is that you're going to find the best ways to become a more productive blogger. And by that, I don’t mean sit at the computer for many hours per day writing continuously. Being productive is all about making the most of your time and putting the right amount of effort into a project. You are going to learn many productivity tips for bloggers to maintain productivity and keep your blog going.

How To Maintain Productivity When Blogging?

Productivity isn't always just about the amount of content that you write; it's also about how much you can leverage the potential of that content.

In the next few posts, we are going to look at how you can become a more productive blogger. We are going to look at the things you can do, to increase your blogging productivity.

What do we mean when we say, ‘maintain productivity’ as a blogger? We are going to start trying to get more done, in less time. I am sure that many of you, like me, work full time, run a house, and like to blog in what you laughingly call your spare time.

By learning how to be more productive, you can make your life easier. Tasks won't take as long to accomplish. You will therefore get more done. And you will look forward to doing them.

How To Maintain Productivity When Blogging

Look Forward to Productivity Tips For Bloggers

So, we will start seeing what things we can do better in the time that we are able to blog. We are going to go through some productivity tips for bloggers that hopefully you will find useful. The first thing we will look at is having a productive workplace so look out for that post.

In the meantime, what are your productivity tips? Let us know in the comments box how you make your blogging life easier.

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