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So Let’s Go!

Do You Spend Hours Blogging?

But you can’t seem to achieve your goals?

Are you so overwhelmed as a Blogger that you can’t even remember your goals?

Do you wonder why you are doing it so wrong, but see others float along effortlessly?


Do you spend hours ‘blogging’ but don’t seem to have anything to show for it at the end of the day?

Do you feel worn out by the constant hamster wheel of social media and content creation. Would you love some free time to ‘unplug’?

Do you feel ready to give up and admit that you made a mistake trying to become a blogger?

I Was In Your Shoes Too!

Hi, I’m Penny and I had a dream of becoming a successful blogger. My dream was to earn enough money blogging so I could leave a job I hated for something I loved. Sound familiar?

So I put months of work into creating a blog. Nothing really happened. So I started a different blog. I put months of work into creating it and again. Nothing happened.

By this stage I was ready to give up my dream. I was clearly not cut out for this. But I just couldn’t understand why it was so difficult. I had worked for major businesses all my life. I had successfully run big projects. And then it hit me.

What I Was Doing Wrong!

I was not treating my blog as a business. I was treating it as a hobby and just dipping in and out when I felt like it.

Are you ready to start creating great content for your blog?

Do you feel that you are not getting anywhere with your blog?

Does it feel like it takes for ever to create a single blog post.

Are you starting to think that you will never have enough content to be a real authority within your niche?

Yes, I know how you feel. I hated even starting writing blog posts as they took so long. I wondered why so many bloggers had so many blog posts when they take so long to create.

Then I realised that creating a blog post was like anything. It was much quicker and easier when you followed a simple process. So I created my own process.

Discover my easy process and start creating your blog posts in less time and with less effort.