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Are you ready for a 30 day on-page SEO for traffic challenge?

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30 Day Challenge

your key to increasing your traffic

Welcome to Your New 30 Day Challenge

More Visitors

Would you like more visitors to come to your blog?

Help Your Posts be Found

Wouldn't it be great if people actually found, and enjoyed, your blog posts?

Speed & Consistency

Learn how to quickly and consistently create posts that drive traffic to your site.

Keywords & Phrases

You will understand everything you have to do on your page so that both search engines, and your audience, can find you.

Existing Blog Posts

You will be aware of what you need to do to your existing blog posts in order to optimize them for search engines.

New Blog Posts

You will understand the balance between writing for people and for search engines.

You will be aware of the art of working your keywords and phrases into your content.

Hi, Penny here.

I'm going to show you how to get more traffic, in 30 days using my favourite systems and tactics.

Sign up today and by the end of the challenge:

  • You will have some insight into where your blog is doing well. 
  • You will know what you need to improve on your blog.
  • You will understand the importance of keywords and key phrases.
  • You will understand the art of working your keywords into content.
  • You will have optimised your existing blog posts.
  • You will learn some techniques to help you write your blog posts more easily.
  • You will help your audience along the way.

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