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Welcome To My Build a Better Blog in 10 Days Challenge!

Get Started Right Away With the Challenge

10 Days of tips and training that will teach you how to improve your blog posts to engage your audience.

Day 1 Build a Better Blog Challenge

Day 1

How to brainstorm to easily come up with a long list of blog post ideas.

Day 2 Build a Better Blog Challenge

Day 2

How to write attention grabbing headlines.


Day 3

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How to revive your older posts to engage with your audience.


Day 4

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How to find ideas for great blog posts.

Day 5

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How to promote your blog and your blog posts.

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Day 6

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Do you need images on your blog posts?

Day 7

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How to add effective CTAs to your blog posts.

Day 8

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How to improve your social media engagement.

Day 9

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How to reduce your bounce rate by engaging with your readers.

Day 10

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How to plan and create an effective lead magnet.


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